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“A hugely impressive multi-media documentary in words, pictures and sound…which traces the development of the housing market renewal policy over the past few years and its human consequences. Leeming’s Streetfighters is a living, vibrant, open-ended piece of reportage” – Patrick Butler, head of society, health and education at the Guardian

Streetfighters is an ongoing and open-ended multimedia project on urban regeneration in the north of England, which began in 2006 with a written feature for the Guardian. Dozens of stories later I began to take photographs and collect audio from some of the people whose lives have been affected by these projects. Most of my work focuses on the Housing Market Renewal scheme, now being wound up by the coalition government after falling victim to the recession. The residents who remain in these communities, however, will live in HMR’s shadow for many years to come – and so Streetfighters will continue. The complete project can viewed on this dedicated website.

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