“People can never seem to get their heads around the fact that being Gypsy is nothing to do with where you live. People always ask: ‘How can you call yourself a Traveller if you were brought up in a house?’ But not all Gypsies live in trailers and not all Travellers travel. It’s not to do with where you live – it’s more about your beliefs and culture” – Lucy Ann. (Continues below)

Of all the communities living in the UK today, Travellers are among the least understood. Sensationalist media reporting creates and reinforces negative stereotypes of these diverse groups – which include Romani Gypsies and Scottish and Irish Travellers – and their voices are rarely given the prominence they deserve. This is my small attempt to ‘rethink’ the representation of Gypsies and Travellers. The project layout, with full captions and essays, can be viewed here.