Over the first half of 2021 I worked on a digital socially engaged project in my neighbourhood, where I invited local residents to send me their thoughts and images relating to the past year and how Covid-19 had impacted their lives.

This was funded via an InterMEDS commission from Peshkar in Oldham and built on Levy Lockdown Portraits, the book I made the previous year. During and following the UK’s third national lockdown, participants sent me images and thoughts about what we were going through.

I put together a zine featuring 36 people’s contributions but there was still more to see, so I’ve now pulled it all together into a website, Levy Lockdown Project. This features everything I was given during this period – from full on journals, to photos and sketches. 42 people are on there and I have no work there except as a curator/facilitator. There are also a few audio interviews.