I aim to make work which reflects the complexity of people’s lives and does not reinforce damaging stereotypes.

I treat people with respect and always seek informed consent ā€“ fully explaining the aims and context of my work to potential collaborators. This is an ongoing conversation and participants have the right to withdraw consent at any point.

I am mindful that I often work within communities/groups with very different lived experiences from my own.

I do not claim to speak for anyone ā€“ I listen and find creative ways to amplify people’s voices. Sometimes this involves me holding the camera but on other occasions I support people to create their own images. Whichever form the work takes, I try to be as collaborative as possible.

As a trained journalist, text is important to me ā€“ I believe words anchor the meaning of images. This is especially important when Iā€™m working with groups with a history of misrepresentation. I work with people to develop captions which accompany any images.