“Ramona and Elvira are like twins with very different characters, two parts of one person. It’s one head, one face, but two different minds.

“Elvira is a dreamer but Ramona makes dreams come true. Elvira is open to love but Ramona is fighting with love. Ramona thinks Elvira’s crazy and Elvira thinks Ramona’s crazy. I say both of them are crazy. You cannot be two people, you have to be one.”

This is the tale of one woman’s two lives. Her family in Romania call her Elvira but in England she is known by the name on her passport, Ramona. It is a collaboration, with photography by Ciara Leeming and words by Ramona/Elvira.

Elvira and Me was conceived as a book project and it is through this form that I believe our collaboration comes across best. The book can be viewed online here and you can hear Ramona’s voice in a photofilm here.

Hard copies of the book are also available to purchase. Please contact me if you are interested.