Levy Lockdown Project was a collaborative, hyperlocal effort to document and make sense of the strange period of global history we were living through.
As the UK entered its third national lockdown in January 2021, I created a closed Facebook group and invited people living in Levenshulme to share their images and thoughts about the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on them. I also gave a small number of participants a box each full of things like a disposable camera, notebook and prompts.

The project built on the Levy Lockdown Portraits series and book I had made the previous year and eventually resulted in a website with 42 contributors, Levy Lockdown Project and a zine, which had 36 people involved. The site features everything I was given during this period – from full on journals, to photos and sketches. 42 people are on there and I have no work there except as a curator/facilitator. There are also a few audio interviews.