Ups, downs and elusive parties

It’s been one of those weekends. Huge excitement on my part about being invited along to a Roma community party, which left me having to postpone my own 5th wedding anniversary and skip a rare reunion with old friends from school. A 130-mile drive, only to find that my family were out for the day – having neglected to tell me their change of plans – and that the party had been cancelled. I had no choice but to turn around and start the two-and-a-half hour drive home. Frustrating, yes, but just one of those things which happen on a fairly regular basis in this project – the only difference in this case being the distances involved. The good days are great and the bad ones irritating beyond belief…I’m now resigned to these blips though and certainly don’t hold it against people. There would surely be something wrong if a documentary project happened easily or without challenges. Anyway, a week’s holiday is around the corner – my first in three years. I think it is much needed.