Projects galore

Above: Ramona and Latifa.

I’m spending a fair bit of time shooting the Roma work at the moment, although scheduling is becoming tricky – I’m currently keeping regular tabs on four different Roma individuals or families, with a photofilm in production of a fifth character and a first meeting lined up for a sixth person who I’m really excited about next weekend. Combined with trying to look again at the issue of regeneration, starting a new neighbourhood project which I hope will get me adept at lit portraiture once I get going, pitching and writing stories for print media and being booked for quite a bit of university lecturing in the New Year, life is getting a little hectic. I’m someone who also likes their own company and desperately needs ample time to read, think and stare into space, so it’s going to be…errr…interesting.

Above: Latifa, aged five, practises her reading and writing. She will return to Romania for the winter later this month.