Indian memories – photofilm

Months and months ago I posted a few images on here which I had dug out of my late grandmother’s photo album, featuring snapshots of their life in India – where my dad’s family lived for several generations until the early 1950s.  Vernacular history is something I find very interesting, so I pinned my dad down a while back so I could record a few of his memories from Calcutta. I just got around to combining these two elements into a photofilm,  which can be viewed over here.

I hope to do something similar with my mum – who had a very different upbringing in post-war smalltown Ireland – at some point but realised the other day that I have never actually seen any family pictures belonging to her. My mission over Christmas will be finding out whether or not any exist.

In the meantime, and speaking of Ireland, the folks at the new multimedia site Storyful have done a generous little write-up on my work. Very unexpected and much appreciated. Slainte and Merry Christmas

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