I spent today back with the Gypsy family I’m photographing for my Rethink and Transition projects. The residents who live on the neighbouring site are refusing to even speak to me at this point so I’m pretty much confined to the house, which is a little frustating as the kids spent most of today playing with their friends on the camp. Building trust is frequently a challenge with this community and it’s not something which can be rushed, but the mum of the family I’m working with says the car-crash TV series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings has set things back by 20 years and has made many Travellers close ranks – even more unwilling to trust outsiders, especially anyone from the media. But these people no doubt have interesting stories and I know some of them have family photos of the days when they were living a nomadic life. I’m mulling over how to break this barrier in the short time I have to do this project without putting my family, who are related to many of the residents and manage the site, in an awkward position. One possibility is setting up a mobile studio outside when there’s a fine day, and offering to give people prints, but that has the possibility of falling flat. One thing that is certain is that I and my camera have to get out of this house.

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